Mount Barker Farmland

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City Beach Morning

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A great morning yesterday for photos! I have been meaning to get out and do this for a while. I tried twice last week but the gods were not favoring me on those days. Also evening is too busy to get a clear shot… Thankfully they had pity on me this morning and provided a good show…and thankfully the guys fishing didn’t move too much during the exposure.

I have taken many shots since my last post here but have been a little slack with posting…Check out my flickr link in the sidebar.


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Melbourne City ETWP Small-5447

Trigg – Shag rock

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Well, this is a well visited place by myself and others, but there is always some new take on it, the sea was angry today so I thought I would go out this morning!! Very powerful and surging waves it made for quite an experience standing there freezing and trying not to get wet. I did get seriously drenched later on, so I am pleased I got something to show for it!! Brrrr

090620_5680vertical ETWP small.tif

Busselton Foreshore

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I am embarking on reprocessing some of my shots, and displaying them for the first time here. This one is the result of driving down from Perth one afternoon last year. I knew I would be cutting it fine for the sunset, but I knew it was going to be a good one. So I arrived at the carpark, just as this glorious light was before me. I ran down, set up, hand held my ND grad and hoped. Forgot to change the ISO back down, so the result is a little grainy, but I’m pretty happy with this one!

Can anyone tell me if these old jetty remnants have been removed, This was taken last year. I went there more recently, and I couldn’t see them, but I thought maybe the sand had shifted and covered them?

Time for a Beer?

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What a great spot this is! Belgian Beer Cafe and King Street! Just experimenting with some more night shots last night. It is always entertaining taking photographs in crowded places, people always come up and chat which is usually pretty cool. Although often at the most inconvenient times!! I purposefully went on a Wednesday night so as to avoid the pseudo-cultured individuals who sometimes frequent this area on Friday and Saturday nights. A group of about 10 street kids came past while I was taking shots in King St. and they posed for me in front of the Gucci Store! The camera wasn’t set up for them, so I didn’t get a reasonable shot, but it was quite funny to see. Here they are..

Castletown Jetty Esperance

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Point Piquet

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This is one of my favourite photos. I just love how everything is going on here. Ryan, a friend of mine swimming in the foreground, the water rippling, the kayakers, the guy on the rock, the yacht…with a bikini hanging over the side. A girl: presumably bikiniless, is about to get back onto the yacht, while two guys were off ignoring her on the jetski. Makes me wonder why I didn’t swim out there myself! Well this photo was taken after a trip to Margaret River for lunch, we saw the clouds and went all the way back to Busselton to get the camera. My arm was still broken here, so the ever helpful Ryan drove me here, helped me set up the tripod and even added some quality foreground interest. What a perfect day! Thanks again Ryan

Sugarloaf Rock

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Twilight Dawn Esperance

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Twilight Dawn